Thebestofpompeiiamalficoast tourist portal is ready to capture Italian and foreign readers about the events and initiatives that will take place in the area that goes from Pompeii to the Amalfi Coast, obviously also touching the stunning Sorrento. The founder of the site, expert in accommodation ,decides to undertake a process of publicizing, selling and promoting services and everything related to the tertiary sector. Tourism in particular, which in this area of land seems to be a renewable energy and from inexhaustible sources, will be the absolute protagonist of this project. The advertising campaign will involve in particular local accommodation facilities and all other activities that they will want to make themselves known through the portal’s Social channels, by drafting promotional and descriptive articles like this.

Gulf of Naples

The king Vesuvius from the peak

In addition, the site aims to also involve visitors to Campania in general and this magnificent territory in particular. The team has decided to launch a contest through which the user, in order to participate, must send the story of his experience / vacation lived here, attaching photos or videos representative of this area. Experiences that will all be published on the site and on the Social channels, the best will receive a special award in December 2019.

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