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The blue Grotto

It is the most famous grotto on the island. it is about 60 m long and 25 m large. To visit it,  you need to take a small more rowboat which passes through a very narrow entrance. For this reason you must lie down on the bottom of the boat and when the sea is rough, it is not possible to enter.

The special light effect is due to the fact that there is a second underwater entrance which is much larger than the first one. And the Special atmosphere inside the grotto is caused just by the Light passing through the underwater entrance.

 Once you are inside a surrealistic sight opens in front of you: the blue colour of the tranparent water gives you the impression that you are sailing in a crystal Blue Sky.


The grotto has been known since Roman times and used it as nymphaeum. Some statues that depicting pagan divinities And dating Back to Roman Times were Found on the sea Bottom of the cave. Today They are exhibited in the museum of Casa Rossa in Anacapri. The popular visits to the grotto started after 18th april 1826, the date when it was discovered by the German painter August Kopisch and h8s friend Ernst Fries, accompained by the local fisherman Angelo Ferraro. since than, a huge number of people coming from all over the world  have been enjoying its beauty.

Poets and composers: Giuseppe Carullo, Pasquale Cinquegrana Salvatore Orrico Camillo Paturzo Carlo Fanti Eduardo di Capua Antonello Rondi Giacomo Rondinella and a lot more…

From : “Grotta Azzurra di Capri l’isola più bella del mondo” write by Sergio Vellino e Vincenzo Faiella

Naples defeats the pandemic: from 3 june you can visit it again

Naples fought and kept up the pandemic. The rules implemented against the COVID-19 have allowedthe start of a phase of normality, and with the opening to the countries of European Community Naples returns to be visitable but including adequate preventions.

How to prevent contagion in Naples

The use of the mask and the safety distance of one meter between people not belonging to the same group will be obligatory. It is also recommended to wash your hands often with sanitizing gel or alcohol-based soaps and if you are suffering from flu symptoms you must stay at home. In public transport, there will be limitations on the number of passengers allowed for each train or bus.

What to do with the restart in Naples

From June 3rd Naples returns to shine more powerful than ever; her immortal and time-hardened beauties benefited from this forced break. The more blue sea, the lushest greenery, the delicious Neapolitan cuisine, the large complexes of buildings await the return of their fellow citizens within the city.

From the MANN (the National Archaeological Museum of Naples) to the houses of the kings, the Museum of Capodimonte and the Royal Palace, to the Cathedral of Naples and the underground Naples, all the complexes reopen to make you enjoy the beauties they hold in it.

Naples restarts from June 3 and awaits you to celebrate the return to normal together with all its attractions. Move to Naples!


Italy on holiday: a beach-day in the Cilento

For many families in Naples, Santa Maria di Castellabate has become a favourite summer seaside escape. ‘The Guardian‘ well-known english newspaper choose it for a day on the beach, Italian style. Just two hours south of the bustling chaos of Naples, the Cilento region is one of the most remote parts of Campania. Much of the area is covered by the Cilento national park – the second largest in Italy – and it boasts 100km of coastline and a wild, mountainous interior sprinkled with historic villages still wedded to a traditional way of life.This is where ordinary Neapolitans escape to in the summer and is still largely off the tourist radar, granted little more than a passing mention in most guidebooks. A zigzagging road takes you down from Castellabate to the coastal village of Santa Maria di Castellabate, where the evening passeggiata is in full swing, with young and old strolling along the seafront. At the heart of the historic centre is a sandy beach, surrounded by noble palazzi and fishermen’s houses.

Follow the coast south from here and you’ll discover a mix of sandy bays, rocky coves and imposing cliffs, dotted with fishing villages and tiny holiday resorts. Acciaroli was a favourite of Hemingway, who came here in 1952 after he’d finished writing “The Old Man and the Sea”, spending hours in the cafe-bars along the seaside promenade.Tiny Marina di Pisciotta is famous for keeping centuries-old fishing techniques alive, using the moon and the stars to determine where the anchovies will surface. Visitors can go out with the fishermen at night and then dine with them on the catch, dressed simply in extra virgin olive oil and lemon. You could spend your days clinging to the coast, swimming in some of the clearest water you’ve ever seen, dining at lovely waterfront restaurants and wandering round charming fishing villages, but even those only vaguely interested in history shouldn’t miss out on Cilento’s impressive historic sites.

Altought are the Castellabate beaches who have captured the “Guardian” attention. Which? Above all “Spiaggia del Lago” – large 1.5 km – who in 2016 was awarded from Legambiente as “La più bella sei tu” a famous italian recognition voted by holidaymakers. And than the little beach of Punta Bracale, the beach of Punta dell’inferno,the grotto beach with its paleolithic history , and the beach of Marina Piccola located in the historical centre of Santa Maria, between the sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare and Pagliarola tower. Because you can go around everyday discovering news bays or beaches. You can easily explore the stunning variety of the area and live days at the beach you’ll , probably, never forget!

I nostri tour

Are you in holiday in our fantastic land? Do not hesitate to contact us! The Best of Pompei organize some specials tours for you:

  • The best of…Pompei : Famous at the global level, the excavations of Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world,along with that of Herculaneum, capable of returning visitors a Roman town, whose life has remained firm to a distant morning in 79 AD, an era from which the Vesuvius decided to cancel by earth orbit. The tour continues with a “tasty” visit that will take place into a typical wine farm at the foot of Vesuvius including a local products based lunch and a six kind of wine tasting.

Risultati immagini per pompei

Risultati immagini per azienda vinicola vesuvio

  • The best of…Caserta e Anfiteatro di Capua : Caserta lies in the plain of the river Volturno and is famous worldwide for its majestic Royal Palace. The Caserta Royal Palace is an UNESCO world heritage site. It was designed by the renowned Flemish born Luigi Vanvitelli (Van Wittell). The tour continue with another historical visit at the amphitheatre of Capua. Probably built by Hadrian on the site of another older amphitheatre, it is surrounded by the garden of the archaeological excavations. It was the second largest amphitheatre after the roman Colosseum and was mainly used for spectator sports, games and displays. The brickwork was entirely covered with precious marbles. It is the city’s symbol. The tour include lunch and the transfer to the accomodation.

Risultati immagini per reggia di caserta

Risultati immagini per anfiteatro capua

  • The best of…Paestum: Cilento is a land that mixes nature, archaeology and a clear sea that has been awarded the blu flag in the past years and also the 5 flags of Legambiente. The territory is rich in archaeological sites well known in the whole world as Paestum (the ancientPoseidone) and their ancient “Templi“. Moreover our itinerary allow an enrichment of your culinary culture thanks to the unique visit into one of the most popular dairy, producers of the authentic buffalo mozzarella;

Risultati immagini per paestum templi

Risultati immagini per paestum bufala

Risultati immagini per paestum bufala

  • The best of…Naples: A trip to Naples to discover the ancient civilisation that has left obvious signs on these places. Art and architecture, archaeology and science. In our circuit is include the visit to San Severo Chapel, located in the historic heart of Naples is a jewel of the world’s artistic heritage. Here, baroque creativity, dynastic pride, beauty and mystery blend to create a unique and almost timeless atmosphere.
    With its masterpieces such as the famous Veiled Christ, renowned world over for the remarkable tissue-like quality of the marble, feats of virtuosity such as Disillusion, and enigmatic creations such as the Anatomical Machines, the Sansevero Chapel is one of the most impressive monuments that the human mind has ever conceived.  Duomo di San Gennaro the Duomo was begun by King Carlo I d’Angió in the 13th century and finished by his successor Roberto d’Angió in 1313. The grandiose interior of the cathedral is lavishly decorated. Among the most precious artwork is the painting of the Assunta by Perugino, located on the right side of the transept; Furthermore is included a trip up the Pio Monte della Misericordiapossible to admire the magnificent works undertaken for the churches of Naples and the surrounding region,these include the “7 Opere della Misericordia” by Caravaggio. Other attractions included are the ancient roman underground market and the typical San Gregorio Armeno street famous for its handcrafted traditionals cribs. Finally tour include a tasty and typical Pizza Napoletana with beer/wine or an experience through the local street food.

    Napoli – Veduta

  • The best of…Amalfi coast: Named the “Divine” and for its incomparable beauties, the Amalfi coast has been declared in 1997 by UNESCO World patrimony of Humanity. From Positano to Salerno it is a continuous view of magnificent scenery overlooking the sea on the clear bay of Salerno.  Some of the tour stops are Amalfi with it Paper Museum it stands as testimony to a time long gone, when papermaking was a closely guarded secret, and the method of producing those blank sheets so painstaking and tedious that it was considered as much an art as the words and illustrations that later be written on them.. Ravello with the scenic Villa Cimbrone (XX c.) that was the dream and project of an eccentric and romantic English lord who heremixed styles and periods, ethnic and cultural elements, ancient finds and souvenirs from exotic journeys, in a unique, rare and poetic folly. Than the itinerary continue with an unique local lunch with panoramic view over the Coast in the little village of Pontone.

Risultati immagini per villa cimbrone

Risultati immagini per spaghetti ai frutti di mare

Risultati immagini per positano

What are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time! Contact us  +39334 16 97 981 write us via mail  to and reserve your favourite tour!

Nb: Our tours will be organize by minibus (Mercedes Sprinter Luxury) 16 seats plus driver.

The Phoenix

Hammock living

This week we present a new accommodation facility, we move to the small
village of Nerano, near Sorrento to talk about Villa Phoenix.
The residence was originally the home of the owners, these moved to
another site have temporarily left the “Fenice”  in obsolete, which, as in the
fascinating saga of Harry Potter is reborn from its ashes with the new
attribute, so this becomes a Guest House one in a kind.
The Villa consists of two floors and can accommodate up to a maximum of 9

It has 3 bedrooms, a common area with an additional sofa bed, 2 bathrooms,
kitchen, laundry room and an outdoor garden with on-site parking.
The solarium pool is equipped with every comfort.
The furniture is in perfect Mediterranean style, the surrounding environment is
spacious and ideal for families or groups of travelers who want tranquility and
beautiful moments within the structure.
The location is strategic for breathtaking excursions and sunsets.
If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating structure contact
+39 366 303 8878 or write an email to /

The White Butterfly

The White Butterfly is a magnificent holiday home located on the
hill of Massalubrense.
It enjoys a fortunate view of the beautiful and famous island of
The impression one gets when staying in this house is to be in the
house and on the island at the same time.
Characterized by a rustic atmosphere with touches of classical art,
the White Butterfly looks like a cozy and quiet home far from the
chaotic and bustling Sorrento.
In harmony with the surrounding context and with all the peace that
this territory can offer, a family / couple that wishes to visit the
Sorrento / Amalfi coast certainly does not make mistakes by turning
to this structure!
The Host is pleased to constantly welcome its guests from all over
the world, remembering them through photos taken with them and
posted on the respective Fb page.
Finally, the varied offer of services that the holiday home
guarantees also offers the possibility of unique and unforgettable
food and wine tours.
If you are interested in this tourist accomodation, contact this number +39 333 407 0595 or write an email to and you will
immediately receive all the information you need.

Panoramic over Capri island

The best of….”Pronti al decollo”

Thebestofpompeiiamalficoast tourist portal is ready to capture Italian and foreign readers about the events and initiatives that will take place in the area that goes from Pompeii to the Amalfi Coast, obviously also touching the stunning Sorrento. The founder of the site, expert in accommodation ,decides to undertake a process of publicizing, selling and promoting services and everything related to the tertiary sector. Tourism in particular, which in this area of land seems to be a renewable energy and from inexhaustible sources, will be the absolute protagonist of this project. The advertising campaign will involve in particular local accommodation facilities and all other activities that they will want to make themselves known through the portal’s Social channels, by drafting promotional and descriptive articles like this.

Gulf of Naples

The king Vesuvius from the peak

In addition, the site aims to also involve visitors to Campania in general and this magnificent territory in particular. The team has decided to launch a contest through which the user, in order to participate, must send the story of his experience / vacation lived here, attaching photos or videos representative of this area. Experiences that will all be published on the site and on the Social channels, the best will receive a special award in December 2019.

What are you waiting for?

Join the Community by clicking like our Facebook page. Stay up to date and be pleasantly surprised by all our upcoming initiatives.

Editor page

Gabriele Grimaldi

Our coastside

Sorrento is “Family friendly”

Family vacation format? Sorrento is one of the favorite places to visit. To say it is a search of the Hundred Rooms portal

family friendly

On the occasion of the International Family Day, which will be celebrated on May 15, Hundred Rooms has been researching how much Italy is family friendly with regard to the tourist aspect, or rather the characteristics of the types of accommodation offered.

The survey put under the magnifying glass the most important cities of Belpaese and the most popular seaside resorts to find the percentage of family friendly accommodations. The calculation was made on the basis of the total number of holiday homes and apartments equipped with everything that could be useful to a family on vacation: from washing machine, to pets, from the kitchen equipped to outside areas for children, As well as the availability of cots and highchairs.

Interesting results have come out of the research, which mainly reward the seaside resorts, while large cities, which attract thousands of tourists each year, have much lower rates.

According to Hundred Rooms, Viareggio and Formia are one of the most attentive places, with over 29% of family friendly accommodations and over 6% of cot available. It also exceeds 20% in Gaeta and Elba, while the Sardinian resort of Alghero, with its 19%, is approaching this figure. In Taormina and Sorrento, family friendly accommodation is around 16%, while tourist apartments with cots vary between 8% and 9%.

Percentages much smaller in big cities, such as Milan, Turin and Naples, where it is not more than 5-6%, while in Florence the figure is 6.3%. Slightly better, Rome, Palermo and Bologna, where family friendly accommodation is around 7%, while those with cradle are 19.5% in Rome, 11% in Palermo and 2.8% in Bologna.

The rise of Airbnb and many other portals that propose renting apartments, villas and holiday homes is surely changing the target of travelers, also encouraging families to move with reduced difficulty. It is necessary to adapt and Italy is a country very attentive to the needs of its visitors, not by chance Italian, especially the South, is known for its hospitable spirit, which leaves a presumption of family friendly accommodation in the near future .

C. G.

Maxi Ponte, Capri gets full of vip

From Bernard Arnault to Christian De Sica, from Alessandro Preziosi to Diego Della Valle. Capri is already summer air

Capri piazzetta

For the Blue Island the maxi bridge, which began on April 25 and ended yesterday, May 1st, started with the bang. Famous figures and worldly events have animated the small square, the squares and the narrow streets of the island of Capri, already crowded for the arrival of the first heat that accompanied these holiday days.

Among the VIPs who have reached the island to enjoy a few days of vacation, Bernard Arnault, fashion emperor, chief of the international luxury fashion group “LVMH”, who goes from Louis Vitton to Moet & Chandon: in practice the fourth The richest man in the world, according to Forbes’ rankings, arrived with his luxurious panfilo, the Symphony, forced to stay out of the small harbor on the island due to its huge mass


Even Christian De Sica, in recent days, reached his wife Silvia, already on the island, in their home near Solaro, where they were “spotted” in the company of inseparable friends Enzo and Annalisa De Paola.

There is also the presence of Diego Della Valle, a habitual customer of the Aurora restaurant, while family reunion at the Preziosi house where Alessandro reached his brothers, Mother Cristina and Father Maximus. The vip, loved by teenagers and not only, also gave a fun duet with Guido Lembo and his band in the heart of the Capri Movement, Anema and Core.

To take advantage of the maxi bridge also the starred chefs Gennaro Esposito and Salvatore La Ragione who for the occasion have renewed the traditional appointment at the restaurant “Mammà” to kick off the new season, in the company of about 200 selected, delightful guests Among delicacies and wines of excellence until midnight maxispaghettata, all accompanied by Vanessa Jay Mulder’s voice voice.

Filou club-live music-night life

Filou Club Sorrento



Open all days from 22.00
Except on Wednesday




  • For more information please contact this web site

Galleria Foto

18119265_10155112809947778_4022518200543105523_n 17952707_10155112798887778_2169152758916466303_n 18057631_10155112808912778_2439625265012371458_n