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I nostri tour

Are you in holiday in our fantastic land? Do not hesitate to contact us! The Best of Pompei organize some specials tours for you:

  • The best of…Pompei : Famous at the global level, the excavations of Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world,along with that of Herculaneum, capable of returning visitors a Roman town, whose life has remained firm to a distant morning in 79 AD, an era from which the Vesuvius decided to cancel by earth orbit. The tour continues with a “tasty” visit that will take place into a typical wine farm at the foot of Vesuvius including a local products based lunch and a six kind of wine tasting.

Risultati immagini per pompei

Risultati immagini per azienda vinicola vesuvio

  • The best of…Caserta e Anfiteatro di Capua : Caserta lies in the plain of the river Volturno and is famous worldwide for its majestic Royal Palace. The Caserta Royal Palace is an UNESCO world heritage site. It was designed by the renowned Flemish born Luigi Vanvitelli (Van Wittell). The tour continue with another historical visit at the amphitheatre of Capua. Probably built by Hadrian on the site of another older amphitheatre, it is surrounded by the garden of the archaeological excavations. It was the second largest amphitheatre after the roman Colosseum and was mainly used for spectator sports, games and displays. The brickwork was entirely covered with precious marbles. It is the city’s symbol. The tour include lunch and the transfer to the accomodation.

Risultati immagini per reggia di caserta

Risultati immagini per anfiteatro capua

  • The best of…Paestum: Cilento is a land that mixes nature, archaeology and a clear sea that has been awarded the blu flag in the past years and also the 5 flags of Legambiente. The territory is rich in archaeological sites well known in the whole world as Paestum (the ancientPoseidone) and their ancient “Templi“. Moreover our itinerary allow an enrichment of your culinary culture thanks to the unique visit into one of the most popular dairy, producers of the authentic buffalo mozzarella;

Risultati immagini per paestum templi

Risultati immagini per paestum bufala

Risultati immagini per paestum bufala

  • The best of…Naples: A trip to Naples to discover the ancient civilisation that has left obvious signs on these places. Art and architecture, archaeology and science. In our circuit is include the visit to San Severo Chapel, located in the historic heart of Naples is a jewel of the world’s artistic heritage. Here, baroque creativity, dynastic pride, beauty and mystery blend to create a unique and almost timeless atmosphere.
    With its masterpieces such as the famous Veiled Christ, renowned world over for the remarkable tissue-like quality of the marble, feats of virtuosity such as Disillusion, and enigmatic creations such as the Anatomical Machines, the Sansevero Chapel is one of the most impressive monuments that the human mind has ever conceived.  Duomo di San Gennaro the Duomo was begun by King Carlo I d’Angió in the 13th century and finished by his successor Roberto d’Angió in 1313. The grandiose interior of the cathedral is lavishly decorated. Among the most precious artwork is the painting of the Assunta by Perugino, located on the right side of the transept; Furthermore is included a trip up the Pio Monte della Misericordiapossible to admire the magnificent works undertaken for the churches of Naples and the surrounding region,these include the “7 Opere della Misericordia” by Caravaggio. Other attractions included are the ancient roman underground market and the typical San Gregorio Armeno street famous for its handcrafted traditionals cribs. Finally tour include a tasty and typical Pizza Napoletana with beer/wine or an experience through the local street food.

    Napoli – Veduta

  • The best of…Amalfi coast: Named the “Divine” and for its incomparable beauties, the Amalfi coast has been declared in 1997 by UNESCO World patrimony of Humanity. From Positano to Salerno it is a continuous view of magnificent scenery overlooking the sea on the clear bay of Salerno.  Some of the tour stops are Amalfi with it Paper Museum it stands as testimony to a time long gone, when papermaking was a closely guarded secret, and the method of producing those blank sheets so painstaking and tedious that it was considered as much an art as the words and illustrations that later be written on them.. Ravello with the scenic Villa Cimbrone (XX c.) that was the dream and project of an eccentric and romantic English lord who heremixed styles and periods, ethnic and cultural elements, ancient finds and souvenirs from exotic journeys, in a unique, rare and poetic folly. Than the itinerary continue with an unique local lunch with panoramic view over the Coast in the little village of Pontone.

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What are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time! Contact us  +39334 16 97 981 write us via mail  to and reserve your favourite tour!

Nb: Our tours will be organize by minibus (Mercedes Sprinter Luxury) 16 seats plus driver.

Incredible Excursions

“Amazing Day” is an association that will make you fall in love with the many trips he has to offrire.Formata by industry professionals and former military will make you appreciate the beauty of nature really putting you in connection with it.

Being formed by military former is one of the few associations that can also offer a wide range of duration of survival courses of several days.



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Excursions and Transfers

We want to show you the most beautiful places of our land, the terraces on the sea of Ravello and its colorful mosaics, the picturesque streets of Positano, Amalfi and the monuments of Pomepii ruins and Herculaneum. We want you enjoy pizza, mozzarella, limoncello and Neapolitan Baba through our tours Sorrento. We would like you to enjoy the beautiful views of Sorrento and Naples and to bring back to the port or the hotel with a smile on your face. We want to give an emotion that takes forever with you even when you are back in your town!



Contact us directly and we will agree with you the various tour !!



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Limoncello tour

Good morning!!!!!!!!

If you plan to spend a few days in our and your Sorrento do not miss the opportunity to get to know our typical product renowned and known by everyone in the world:

limoncello !!!!!!!!!!!!

We organize guided tours of a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 25. (40 pax should be divided into 2 groups)

The tour lasts about 20 minutes;

see the lemon peels infusion,

the liquor bottling and

the production of our baba (we own a pastry shop at the factory)

final tasting of limoncello and baba

everything clearly even in English if there is a need

For more information and we wait.



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Wine Tour

Visit our company, it means visiting our home! The agricultural Sorrentino company was founded in the slopes of Vesuvius, by the passion of making wine in the DNA of the Sorrentino family. 30 hectares of vineyards, bordered by olive groves represent perfect arena where the experiences of their ancestors 80, ancient legends and modern studies are a perfect combination to offer a unique experience for anyone who wants to immerse themselves, if only for a moment, in ‘ charming and intimate world of wine!



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