It is the most famous grotto on the island. it is about 60 m long and 25 m large. To visit it,  you need to take a small more rowboat which passes through a very narrow entrance. For this reason you must lie down on the bottom of the boat and when the sea is rough, it is not possible to enter.

The special light effect is due to the fact that there is a second underwater entrance which is much larger than the first one. And the Special atmosphere inside the grotto is caused just by the Light passing through the underwater entrance.

 Once you are inside a surrealistic sight opens in front of you: the blue colour of the tranparent water gives you the impression that you are sailing in a crystal Blue Sky.


The grotto has been known since Roman times and used it as nymphaeum. Some statues that depicting pagan divinities And dating Back to Roman Times were Found on the sea Bottom of the cave. Today They are exhibited in the museum of Casa Rossa in Anacapri. The popular visits to the grotto started after 18th april 1826, the date when it was discovered by the German painter August Kopisch and h8s friend Ernst Fries, accompained by the local fisherman Angelo Ferraro. since than, a huge number of people coming from all over the world  have been enjoying its beauty.

Poets and composers: Giuseppe Carullo, Pasquale Cinquegrana Salvatore Orrico Camillo Paturzo Carlo Fanti Eduardo di Capua Antonello Rondi Giacomo Rondinella and a lot more…

From : “Grotta Azzurra di Capri l’isola più bella del mondo” write by Sergio Vellino e Vincenzo Faiella