At our site you can buy unique pieces of the famous Vietri ceramics, the fruit of a centuries-old tradition of the Amalfi Coast. They are small hand made items, used not only to embellish the decor of the interior, but also often the street furniture.

Their colors reflect the liveliness of the lush greenery that adorns the coast, giving a unique harmony. Specifically, through our website, you can order a set of glasses and cupsplates and trays a service as well as outdoor furniture, such as amphorae and vases, and even decorative tiles.

Also, you can customize these products according to your taste, of a specific request. To receive more information on how to order, customize and have these products in your own home, just write or call us at our mail/telephone number below specifying the details of your request.

Tile panels

I nostri pannelli in mattonelle da 20 x 20 cm, completamente personalizzabili.

Set of Plates

Servizi di piatti fondi e piani di diverse misure e colori

Glasses, cups and bottles

Various large pieces